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  • Our Promises

    Vegan & Pet Friendly

    Made from highly purified and sustainably sourced plant-based wax


    Reuse, Refill & Reduce landfill waste

    Hypoallergenic & Toxin Free

    Clean burning with no soot & no paraffin

    Premium Quality

    Ethically sourced Premium Candle Wax. Our forever promise.

    Candle Wax Pearls

    Candle Wax Pearls FAQ

    350g of candle wax pearls will last approximately 30hrs and each wick will provide a burn time of 6hrs minimum

    Wait for the wick to cool down & surrounding wax to harden. Remove and trim the wick and re-insert your wick and light.

    Candiluna Wax Pearls’ impact on the environment are two fold.

    Firstly, you can reuse old candle jars from a traditional candle and repurpose them with pourable Candle Wax Pearls and reducing land-fill waste.

    Secondly, Candiluna Candle Wax Pearls are paraffin-free and doesn't release black smoke which reduces air quality, harmful to the health and the environment. Most modern candles are made from paraffin wax. This type of wax is made from petroleum as a by-product of making gasoline

    Candiluna candles are 100% plant-based and not made from paraffin wax which is a by product of making gasoline.

    They are soot & black smoke free with no additional chemicals added to make it less likely that burning these candles will cause an allergic reaction.

    You can use multiple wicks and customise how you design your candle setup. 

    You just need to make sure you have a large enough container and space your wicks 2” of space all around from any edges or another wick.

    Candle Wax Pearls are safer than traditional candles as they self-extinguish if the candle is tipped over.

    They are also toxin-free so no unwanted soot and paraffin is burnt polluting your clean air at home.

    At the end of the day they are still an open flame and the correct fire safety precautions should be taken. You can find our guide here