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    Candle Glass Holder 10cm

    The perfect candle holder that will create an ambiance for any ocassion. 

    Our high quality glassware, 

    Package includes everything you need to assemble and refresh your candle in a few easy steps:
    • Volume: 500 ml
    • Colour: Clear
    • Height99 mm
    • Weight:708 g
    • Diameter:100 mm
    • Capacity to fill point: 500 ml



    Choose from Silver, Gold or Rose Gold lid



    How to use our pourable and reusable wax with our glassware (not included, sold separately): 

    • Fill your heat resistant glass vessel 2/3 with the pourable wax
    • Add a wick (vertically) in the centre (leave 5mm of the wick out)
    • Light and enjoy your candle!  


    When done: 
    • Extinguish flame
    • Allow hot, melted wax to cool and harden (5-10 minutes)
    • Remove wick and crystallised wax  


    Refresh your candle: 
    • Top up wax (2/3), level, add new wick and relight - it’s ready to be enjoyed again! 
    Before use: 
    Please read our leaflet (included) for safety instructions and more detailed instructions on how to use our wax and wicks. 
    Our wax is truly special:
    It's non toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, vegetable based, sustainable sourced, paraffin-free and clean burning as it's free from fumes and soot residue. 
    CANDILUNA Candles are entirely safe to use, as they self extinguish if accidentally tipped over.


    Free shipping within UK.


    More information about safety guidelines and our products:

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