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  • Candiluna Candle Wax Pearls - 10kg Drum

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    Unleash your creativity with Candle Wax Pearls, offering a free-flowing solution that turns candle-making into an art form.

    Tailored for Hospitality & Events

    Tailored for the demands of the hospitality and event planning industry, Candle Wax Pearls empower you to stand out. Impress clients with customised candle designs that mirror your brand's uniqueness and underscore your commitment to excellence.

    Customisation Beyond Boundaries

    Candle Wax Pearls empower event designers to customise their candle designs effortlessly. Whether you're orchestrating a luxurious wedding or a corporate soirée, these pearls empower you to create designs that leave a lasting impression.

    How many candles can I light?

    With 10kg of Candle Wax Pearls you can fill approximately 40 glasses (10cm H x 10cm D)

    This package will give you up to 750 hours of perfect candlelight. Each wick will burn for minimum 6 hours. 

    Package includes everything you need to assemble and refresh your candle in a few easy steps:

    • 10kg  of our specially blended, white, pourable, wax 
    • 50 x 6cm cotton wicks 
    • Instructions and safety information leaflet

    Fill your heat resistance container up to 2/3 of the way with Candle Wax Pearls

    Add a wick vertically. Leave 5mm of length at the top and 2" distance from another wick

    Allow for wick to cool down & harden & remove. Pour more candle wax pearls in and go again!

    Vegan & Pet Friendly


    Hypoallergenic & Toxin Free

    Premium Quality